our Patient privacy notice
Privacy Notice
Primary Objective

Please take a moment to carefully read and understand the following patient privacy notice, which outlines the disclosure of your medical information and your access to it. Our primary objective is to safeguard your personal health care information and prevent unauthorized disclosure. However, there are specific circumstances under which we may need your permission to release your health care information. We believe it is crucial for you to comprehend the purposes and intentions behind any disclosure of this protected information. Additionally, we seek your consent to release information when it is necessary for your personal safety, well-being, or public safety as required by government-mandated reporting. Below, we have provided an extensive list that covers all the reasons, uses, and intentions for the release of such information.

Personal, Protected Medical & Health Care Information

At Peak MediQ, LLC, our medical providers may release your personal, protected medical and health care information to others for the following purposes: when it is medically necessary; upon your request; when a referred medical provider or facility requires this information to provide appropriate treatment; when we need to inform your insurance company about billing information, diagnoses, and level of care to process a claim; and when your medical insurance carrier requests this information with your written permission. In rare instances, it may be necessary to share information with regulatory agencies for quality assurance investigations or with Public Health agencies at the state, country, or federal level to comply with healthcare laws and regulations.

Privacy Notice
Right To Review

We want to emphasize that you have the right to review your medical records and request copies (a nominal fee may apply). Furthermore, if you submit a written request signed by you or your legal guardian, you have the right to request amendments or corrections to be added to your records. You also have the option to submit a written request to restrict certain uses and disclosures of protected information (excluding government mandates), such as billing details for services that you prefer to keep private and for which you are willing to pay separately. Additionally, you can request a written account of all instances in which protected health care information has been released. Finally, you have the freedom to revoke any previous consent for the release of your health care information at any time by providing written notice.